Why Dafran is so Good – Valorant Ranked

Hey everyone, I made a video on a secret Dafran strat that gets him a few fair kills. Its FPS Drops. In this video I fully explain why else he is so good. Hopefully with this you get better and improve.There are 3 key features why he is so good:

  1. Not pushing a lot/Gathering info before attacking – Dafran makes sure to use his SOVA and darts, checking everycorner to see if there is an enemy there before just pushing solo onto the site
  2. Map control – Its the key feature to him gathering all the kills, its actually map control. Map control can easily either get you the spike plant or prevent it.
  3. Prefiring – Him prefiring every corner is pretty easy and obvious, but it gets him the easy kills.

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTJEtvG3d2U&feature=emb_title

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